Cyber Monday?

So i plan to upgrade since my old system is crap, and I was wondering if Cyber monday gives any decent deals on parts? Not pre built since I have a few parts I can use from my current system. But mainly GPU, Motherboards, and Processors, and maybe a SSD but im not sure since I don't need storage.
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  1. I guys you'll find out on "cyber monday". My psychic is out this week
  2. Sorry I don't think I was specific enough. I'm not looking for predictions on what the sales will be, i'm wondering if there is usually sales for parts like CPUs, GPUs, and Motherboards. From past experiences with Cyber Monday.. Or is it usually prebuilt systems or other electronics?
  3. I suggest you get the SSD anyway if the budget fits. Most of the time, people don't buy it for storage purposes but for faster booting and little to no loading times in games.
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