Random green screen and fast forward video


While watching videos, randomly the video turns green and the video fast forwards to the end.
Otherwise everything else works.

Please let me know if you have suggestions. Thank you.

-gt 120, driver 306.23 (latest)
-chrome browser
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  1. Also the video just restarts from begin sometimes, instead of fast forwarding.
  2. I also have been having the same problem. All links say to turn off video acceleration but that is not the fix to our problem. H ave you made any progress on this since your post?
  3. No progress, i made fresh installs, format windows.
    The nvidia drive had a few updates now, no change there.
    Using explorer instead of chrome, still same.
    And yes acceleration doesnt fix it.

    A fix would be good, but im 'living with it' for now, ill try post if I find a fix. thx
  4. about the "living with it" part, now it happens each time, around 20% of the video, and is a challange to be able to complete watch a video...a fix is pressing now. Note that this is for online streaming videos.

    Any more suggestions would be nice thank you.
  5. Seems like the problem only occures for 720p and 1080p, I tried a little, and didnt have problems on 480p...but i guess thats a problem on its own aswell.
  6. i also have a problem to download large files, where the download would get stuck, is the same like the video, sometimes it stop buffering, its not like my internet is slow.
    Maybe those are related.
  7. update: youtube HD mode still has random greenscreen fast forward problem.
    in non HD mode it buffers partially and stops buffering, then i need to refresh so it buffers the next part...nothing to do with connectivity. You could wait for ever to buffer. Downloading has the same problem, my dl's stop at some point and doesnt continue, just like the buffering. Maybe there is a link??

    Flash had updates, nvidia had updates. Browser change doesnt help. Accelerator disable doesnt help. I tried without firewall. Any suggestions please?
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