Input needed

Morning guys,

I was mucking around on Part Picker and came up with this setup.

If price wasn't an issue, what are you thoughts on a setup like that one?
(Of course I was looking at high quality parts and dreaming about them, but comparing them to others on the market at the moment - What are your thoughts?)

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  1. It looks okay. Though even if I had that much cash, I wouldn't spend the extra $400 on the 3960X. It's essentially the 3930K minus a few negligible specs.

    Also, I would get the Vertex 4 instead for an SSD.
  2. Ah. Thanks for the input on the CPU & SSD (Vertex 4's are really sweet).
  3. The only thing I'd change is the CPU cooler. You'll want a much better CPU cooler, especially considering your price range. Some of the best air coolers on the market right now are the Noctua's, they're quieter than most liquid cooled systems, and you can pull of relatively high overclocks with them.

    The EVO 212 just won't cut it for higher overclocks, and since you're going for such a high end CPU, I'm going to assume you're shootin' for the stars, lol.

    Arguable the best air cooler you can get. Otherwise, for extremely high overclocks, create a custom water cooling loop, as that's the best cooling you could really get aside from liquid nitrogen. I'd highly recommend a custom water cooling loop, especially since it seems you've got the cash to burn on one, haha.
  4. Brilliant. Thank you for the input on the CPU Cooler. I can see why you recommended that. I was sure they were important, but after you wrote that I did some research and they help ... a lot.
    Definitely one thing I will try and pick up on my current build.
    I have no idea about water cooling, which is why I've never looked in to it. I doubt I could manage.
    Thanks once again to you both.
  5. sonicers, what's your thought on
    I've been told Phanteks are also really sweet.
  6. Glad to help!

    Good luck on your build :D
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