Should i buy this pc?

Greetings, so i was just looking to buy a new pc and i came across these prebuilts.

Keep in mind it´s in swedish, so use google translate or something, thanks :).

Also i want to run high end games. Is this pc worth it?. Thank you :)
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  1. My currency calculator (I'm simply guesstimating) puts that at about $1300 US which is right about where I would say it is worth. I wouldn't call it a fantastic deal but (who knows, my guesstimation of cost could be off) it isn't at all bad. I think it looks like a nice gaming machine. I would say yes, it is worth it.
    My $0.02
  2. thank you i will consider it =)
  3. Btw, what do you mean My $0.02 ?
  4. i need a serious answer please
  5. American phrase for "my opinion" nothing more
  6. ah, i´m not an american, sorry for sorry for be confussed :)
  7. *fail to sorry´s at once. waiting for other people to reply
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