Newly pc starts then stops??

I Have just made a gaming pc and when i start it up,the fans spin but the cpu fan doesnt and i dont know why. is there any other things effecting this?
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  1. I would list your board model number and check for a bios version at the post screen. You may need a bios update to run your cpu. You may also have a ram stick that isn't all the way in the slot. Try reseating all your ram sticks.
  2. What do you mean by listing my board number
  3. Your motherboard has a specific model number and version. My asus h61 has about four versions with this chipset. If you're not sure, download cpuz, a free small file that will id your motherboard, bios, ram, etc.
  4. i have the serial number from the box
  5. not the serial#, make and model of your full computer spec.
  6. Ahh the board is an asrock z68 extreme4 gen3
  7. and the rest of your computer spec?

    Both the 24-pin and 8-pin on the mother board is getting plug in from the PSU?
  8. Psu: cosair 800w gs
    8GB cosair vengance 1800mhz
    Core i5 3570k
    1T Hdd seagate barracuda 6gb/s
    nzxt phantom full tower
  9. +dvd drive
  10. Sorry for a late reply on the last question and yes they are all plugged in . i think its the CPU fan that is faulty
  11. Any one know the problem?
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