In all games screen freezes and the audio goes into a continuous loop

Dear All.

In all games i am experiencing screen freezes and the audio goes into a continuous loop at statup. (like Medal of Honour, Battlefield 3, COD Modern warfare 2 etc.)

The Things which i have done in between.

Installed .NET framework 4
updated CCC to 12.8
Updated VIA HD audio drivers to 10.005.

All the Problems are since then arising when i bought a new HD 7750. Previously I was using Intergerated grahics HD 3000 (which i uninstalled during installation)

Please help, is that may be the possible reason that presently i am using VGA cable instead of HDMI for output?

My specifications are:

CPU : AMD Phenom II X-2 555BE-3.2GHZ (fully Overclocked) to X4
GPU: Powercolor HD 7750
PSU: FOXIN 450W (local company price about $10)
OS : Windows 7 ultimate-32 BIT
Direct X: 11

If its the reason with psu then please guide how to check tat whether my PSu is giving right voltage to all points.
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  1. not enough power from the psu to the gpu
    check your power consumption here
  2. i got the solution. uninstalled all the framework and display drivers and performed a clean install. now everything runs fine.
  3. also, i unticked GPU overdrive in CCC
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