CPU Fan broke?

i have build a pc and this is the first time turning it on and everything starts exept the cpu fan.it moves a tiny bit but thats all.i hope its not anything serious and its a stock intel cpu fan???
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  1. First thing, make sure your wires are not caught up in the fan.
    Does the PC attempt to boot up or do you get a beep and warning saying "CPU fan failure..."
    Or, when you turn on the machine, your fans spin up (except the CPU fan), hard drive whirrs and lights flash but nothing else...
  2. Nothing beeps and i do hear the hdd spin and because i got the z68 mobo from asrock the dr.debug says 10,15 then 19 and thats when it shuts down then restarts. the wires arnt caught.
  3. The Dr Debug codes you're getting relate to PCIe initialization (10) and RAM module initialization (15, 19). Since it is stopping at 19, I'm going to suggest you check your ram modules to ensure they are firmly seated. You might try booting with one stick only, swapping them until either 1) you get a good POST or 2) you go through all modules without a good POST. Also, check your graphics card to ensure it is seated properly.
    Let me know what happens...
  4. I have switched the ram and the exact same happens,everythings fine exept the cpu fan and it just turns on then off
  5. Can anyone help with this?
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