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Just bought a Samsung UE40ES5500, full 1080p HD. I want to connect it to my PC.

My graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5850

My standard monitor is connected to the graphics card through DVI-D port. Have bought a new HDMI cable to make a second connection from the graphics card to the TV, so i can have both my PC monitor and TV displaying the same thing

I can clone my standard desktop onto the TV at 1280 x 720, 60hz refresh rate, it works fine, anything higher and the TV goes blank and says no picture signal.

To be honest, its driving me nuts, i just dont understand why it won't work, can anyone help me please?

Help much appreciated
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  1. have you tried setting it up in the amd vision engine control center.
  2. I'll be in and out on this thread and don't know a lot about running a pc monitor with a standard" tv monitor at the same time but........ I can get my computer to work with tv's.......... for the time being, disconnect the pc monitor and try and get the tv to work alone. ( HDMI to HDMI ) You may have to work within the CCC and/or within the TV's own control panel to make it work. Can you get it to work with the tv alone ? be back later.
  3. Im using the Catalyst Control Center to set it up
  4. Right, i can force mode HDTV 1920 x 1080 at 24 hz and 30 hz and its displays, but mouse cursor is not very smooth.

    If i try refresh rate any higher (50 hz or 60hz) the screen goes black again, hmmmmm
  5. Have also tried booting with just the TV connected in resolution 1920 x 1080 60hz

    It shows the startup screen but colours are everywhere, like when you select a wrong resolution in windows, and when windows is just about to start, the TV goes black like it did before. Its acting like the TV doesn't support the resolution, but i know it does becuase its FULL 1080p!!!

  6. Are you using HDMI 1 input on the TV?

    Are there settings in the tv menu for PC Mode?
  7. so you went into the CCC and found "my digital flat screens"/HDTV support and found your options ?

    found this. you'll have to check the tv control panel and booklet for explaination and setting.

    Overscanning on HDMI 0% with [Aspect Ratio] set to “Just Scan“

    and found this... ???

    Motion resolution 300 lines (poor)
  8. Yep using HDMI 1, have changed the name of the connection to the preset DVI PC and PC and it still does not work

    yea swifty, did that, cant find the "just scan" option you are on about on the overscanning though ....
  9. If 1280x720 and 1366x768 (@60Hz) work with no issues, then your TV as a problem with the resolution of 1920x1080. You can download this program - - and use that,but definitely read up on how to use it. If using that to change phase or something else doesn't work, then you have a bum tv and should RMA it.
  10. 1366 X 768 at 60hz does not work, the screen flicks inbetween the no signal message and a blank screen, like there is a dodgy connection? have tried it a few times and now it just comes up with the no signal message, am kinda hoping this means something is not right somewhere?

    have tried the program you linked too and forced 1920 x 1080 by 60hz, it displays but colours are everywhere like when you select the wrong resolution for your monitor
  11. there is a display resolution table at the back of the manual and it says the exact same parameters that Powerstrip is saying i am using, so dont know why it isn't working?

    also underneath the table it says "The interlace mode is not available" Have disabled interlace in Powerstrip but still does not work
  12. did you try reinstalling drivers for your card ? did you try another hdmi to hdmi cable ? and did the one you bought cost $3 ? cheap cables don't work too well sometimes. the tv have more than 1 hdmi plug ? try it in another. and are you sure you enabled the right hdmi slot in the tv's control panel ? and you didn't select "run as pc momitor" in that control panel did you ? if so you shouldn't have. tv will run from the hdmi without telling it to run as pc monitor.
  13. the HDMI cable is a 5 meter one, cost me £15, so about 25 - 30 dollars? have not tried another cable no, Sunday today and shops are shut, but will go buy another one tomorrow and see if that sorts it

    have reinstalled the latest graphics card drivers, still the same

    the TV has 3 HDMI ports, the manual says to use the HDMI1/DVI port to connect a PC to it, which i am using, have also tried all the other ports, and nothing

    as soon as you plug into a port on the TV it recognises it as it puts that port into the "Active List" on the TV menu

    ive been thinking about using a dvi-d cable from PC to hdmi on TV, see it that cures my problem or not?

    shame i dont have an xbox/playstation 3, have got a feeling if i plugged one of them in it would come up in full 1080p, as has been reported by lots of other people with the same problem
  14. Be sure that the HDMI cable is a High Speed, Category 2 cable. The length of your cable may be the issue... Last resort isto download this - - and see it it communicates with your tv to see if the EDID is correct. If you can't read it the your tv is bad

    above is the link to the cable that i have

    have used that program, it seems to be able to communicate with the TV ok

    The EDID version = 1.3, Preferred Timing = 1920x1080 60hz, Input Type = Digital, all seems ok to me? not sure what version the EDID is sposed to be?

    On the specifications for the TV in the manual for HDMI IN it says: Video 1080 24p (which is what i can get), 1080p (which is what i want i think), 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
  16. I'm suspecting it's your cable - here's what you should look for
    As far as specs
  17. have got another hdmi cable on the way, 1.4v so hopefully should sort it

    in the spec for the TV under PC Input it says no, on the other LED TV's around that price range they say yes, is that my problem? I have managed to get my PC connected though just not at the resolution i want, so the "PC Input" specification must mean something else
  18. curious, does that tv also have a vga connector ?
  19. there is no vga connector
  20. let us know what happens when you get the new cable.
  21. yep will do, thanks for the help so far everyone, much appreciated
  22. had the tv setup in 1280 x 720 x 60hz, was watching something of lovefilm, i didn't have any sound? thought hdmi is sposed to transmit audio as well as video?
  23. I don't think we what to know what you watch........... have to enable HDMI sound in control panel/sound. ( windows control panel.)
  24. colz1234 said:
    have got another hdmi cable on the way, 1.4v so hopefully should sort it

    in the spec for the TV under PC Input it says no, on the other LED TV's around that price range they say yes, is that my problem? I have managed to get my PC connected though just not at the resolution i want, so the "PC Input" specification must mean something else

    The 1.4 is only the HDMI Specification version - you want a High Speed cable as well

    PC Input normally means a VGA connection for a computer
  25. that's why I wanted to know if there was a vga connector......... anyways, back to the sound. If you are using the tv's speakers you may have to go into the tv's control panel and select "tv" speakers vs whatever else may be connected to your system.
  26. that shoud do it - keep us posted

    The new cable has done the trick, I can't thank you all enough, i was about to take the TV back as well and get a different model

  28. cool!

    now enjoy!!
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