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So after attempting to OC my cpu, i have fryed my mobo and my cpu so alas, it's time for a new pc or partly new anyway.

I'm wanting to spend 400nzd max on the new parts i need and would like some suggestions on what's the best bang for my buck/price range.

I'm looking to get a new mobo, cpu, psu and a good case.

Would anyone mind putting together a grocery list or recommend parts to me i can get within my 400$ limit

Currently i have a 560ti - 4gb 1333 corsair ram (2 sticks) - dvd burner/drive - 1tb hdd that i want to continue using. My pc is primarly for gaming.

All suggestions on parts/ how to cut costs are welcome.
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  1. will you OC??again??
  2. andreas_vak said:
    will you OC??again??

    Yes i will OC again, i think my mobo was just a tad shitty
  3. Check out my $650 build here:
    Since you don't need the GPU, RAM, or HDD (-325)
    Swap the FX-6300 for the FX-8320 +40:
    Total: $335
    Solid build.
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    Processor I5 3570k, the best CPU out ther and awesome overclocker: $219

    Mobo MSI, pretty good for the price $110

    Cosair PSU good and strong enough for some overclocking $70

    You should reutilize your case, and then save some 50 bucks and get a better case.

    Total, 400 bucks.
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