A GPU for my new computer (6950 2gb vs. 7850 1gb)





Sorry the page is in finnish, but I hope you can understand at least something

As you can see I could get the 6950 2gb for 189€, original price 260€ which I think is a really good deal.
But! there also is 7850 1gb. For 175€, with Sniper Elite v2 game included in the package!
The game is not so important, but is smarter to buy the 7850 or the 6950?

On that page they say that 6950 2gb is about the same perfomance as 7850 2gb.
But is it really?

For other computer parts I would get :

XFX 550w 80+ bronze
Intel i5 3570k
8gb of kingston 1600 RAM

and of course the other components...

I would use the computer to play games such as Starcraft II, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3. And many more

Please help?
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  1. What is your monitor's resolution?

    The 6950 will be better at bigger resolutions because it has more memory. The 7850 will be better at lower resolutions because it's slightly faster.
  2. I'll get a temporary monitor from my friend.
    Haven't really decided what should I buy.
  3. I think at 1920x1080 or higher, the 6950 will be the best deal.

    For lower than that, go with the 7850.
  4. Both cards are very close in performance with the 7850 being perhaps a bit stronger.
    You will not be able to tell the difference while playing games.

    For gaming, buy the strongest graphics card you feel comfortable paying for.
    Use this heirarchy chart as a guide:

    Do not worry about 1/2gb. That makes little difference in performance for the most part.

    Be on the lookout for some AMD price cuts; they want to compete with the newest Nvidia cards.
  5. I found that back when Crysis came out, running at 1600 res or above having more than 1gig of vram was better. Of course hardware has changed since then ( processors, etc. ) but any time i run 1gig cards, especially with DX10 and DX11 and tessellation......... you figure it out.
  6. Alright, thanks for replies so far.

    I'm seriously considering buying 7850 for it's low price, and it also comes with Sniper Elite v2 ;P
  7. why not jusrt spend the few extra $ for the 2G 7850:


    i have 2 6950 2G cards,playing BF3 my VRAM will hit as high as about 1.7G,But with that being said,the 7850 is the newer card and I believe less power consumption and heat as well.And also it was just announced AMD is doing another price cut in a week or so.
  8. Yeah Earnie, came to my mind right before seeing your reply

    I heard some rumors that the prices of AMD gpus will decrease a little bit on monday
    I'll most likely buy one of those
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