Hello i am going to be building a pc and i need help! This is what i have decided to go with:

Case: Cooler Master Elite 430 No PSU (£34.99)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K (£166.16)
CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (£26.65)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H (£76.84)
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 8GB RAM 1600MHz (£26.50)
GPU: XFX Double D Radeon HD 7950 3GB (£219.35)
HDD: Western Digital Cavier Blue 500GB (£46.97)
PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 520W (£51.30)
Optical Drive: LiteOn IHAS124-19C (£12.37)

Total Price: £661.13 (Including shipping)

This is the build that i really want but it is over my budget which is around £600-£640 pounds, would there be any way to make the build cheaper without changing the CPU and the GPU?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well from personal experience of building a few monster gaming computers, I know that you only need 4gb of ram for gaming. I suggest dropping your ram down to 2x2gb ram sticks. I recommend g.skill ripjaw, because they will cost you around $25 USD for the amount of ram I previously stated. Also, if you have a USB drive, you do not technically need an optical drive. You can just install windows from a USB.
  2. Also, I would suggest Nvidia Graphics cards, because they are the intel of graphics. They outdo ati any day of the week. You can get a gtx 550 ti, which is good enough to run crysis 2 maxed out, for only £88.02
  3. Do you think i could maybe get away with getting a cheaper PSU? like around £40? the one in the original post is £52 so id be able to save around £10.
  4. There's not going to be many ways to save money-

    You could drop down to 4gb of ram as was mentioned, but you'd save at best £10.

    You could get a slightly cheaper Z77 motherboard, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it (again maybe £10 saved)

    You could also save maybe £10-15 on a cheaper PSU. There's a few Corsair/XFX options in that price range that seem decent.

    In general though, your price is dictated by your CPU/GPU and if those are inflexible then there's not going to be much help anyone can offer.

    Also totally disagree with the guy above, nothing wrong with a HD7950, same price (roughly depending on what week it is) as a 660ti and generally better performance.
  5. Should i just get a stock i5-3470 with no cooler to save like 40-50 pounds? I heard overclocking the CPU doesnt really affect the performance for gaming and i am going to use this computer for gaming only... Is this true?
  6. I'm not sure it's worth getting a 3570 because the price difference between it and a 3570k is pretty small, and the k-series gives you the option to use it in the future. 3470 is a an option for sure.
    If you are looking to save a few £ but not loose much in terms of performance, get the cheapest 2nd/3rd gen i5 you can (usually a 3450) and an H77 motherboard (no overclocking and no SLI/Xfire) and ditch the cooler (can always add one later if you want to). That'll save you about £70 and vs a non-overclocked 3570k the difference in games will be indiscernible.
    What you loose is the facility to overclock should you want to in the future, and the potential for SLI/Xfire, but you can always pick a Z77 board to give you options.

    @ CPU doesn't effect games- it depends on the game really. Generally graphics are the limiting factor so on a pure games machine that's where to spend your money. Also most games tend not to use any more than 2 cores, so a lot of processors aren't being used to their potential. If you want to build a monster gaming rig you can make a serious argument for just blowing most of your budget on graphics and pairing it with a cheaper cpu. It's not something I would do, but if you just want to squeeze more performance in graphics heavy games, it's definitely viable.
  7. One option i was thinking is to get the i5-3570K but ditch the cooler, will i be able to OC the i5-3570K with the stock cooler? or will that be too much for the stock cooler to handle? If thats not possible then i'll just save some money and buy an i5-3470 :D
  8. Sounds like a simple question but it's not.

    You should be able to overclock a bit with the stock cooler, though someone with more experience than me in that field might be able to offer you some vague figures.

    Problem is, it's dependant on too many factors; how much you intend to overclock, the airflow in your case, and the chip itself.

    If you take a 3570k and only overclock it a little then you probably aren't getting great value for money, and would be better off with a baseline i5 (3330/3450) and save yourself some money and hassle.

    For a highly rated cooler, the 212 is great value, if you are set on overclocking, I doubt this is a place to try and save money.
  9. Hmm really hard choice :/ but it looks like im leaning towards an i5-3470 because i dont need an aftermarket cooler for it and its cheaper aswell :D The only thing i want to know is how much FPS would overclocking the CPU gain me in games like Battlefield 3?
  10. As you stated, you won't be overclocking, SO
    save some money by
    getting H77 or even B75 motheboard and i5-3470 (it's same as 3570k except overclocking option)
  11. Overclocking isn't a static figure, but you might get anything between 2 and 10fps in Battlefield. Thing is, unless you are playing on a massive resolution or multiple screens, you'll probably already have 70+fps (assuming 1080p) which means anything you add is kinda wasted.
    Even though BF3 uses quad cores well, it's still going to be graphics that make the difference.
  12. Im leaning towards the i5-3470 + 7950 combo..
  13. Shamelessly stolen from a recent cpu article-
    It's using a GTX680 which is obviously better than your selection, but it's still helpful.

    It doesn't help with overclocking, and your resolution will make a difference, but you can see how little difference there is between any of the top CPUs. Also that's only single player as you can't really fairly test multiplayer.

    My advice remains the same. If you want an i5 and cba with overclocking, get whatever i5 is cheapest, the difference between them is pretty minimal.
  14. And you should. Know that except for BF3, most games will work just fine with a i3Ivy bridge... for something around a hundred pounds (not good with English money!). Only massive multiplayer games really need 4 cores, most will do fine with 2 cores and multithread. And at 1080 on one screen, you're already overkilling with you hd7950... You can still get a great gaming experience with a 7850
    Games are tough on GPUs, not on CPUs.

    And you can crossfire with a H77 chipset...

    I know it's hard to cut down performance for budget's sake, but you're already at minimum with the recommendations of users above
  15. Darkmonk said:

    And you can crossfire with a H77 chipset...

    Weird, I was always under the impression you couldn't but a quick google suggests a lot of them support Xfire but not SLI?

    @ Resolution, I've already mentioned it a couple of times but as it's not been discussed I've just been working at 1080P as that's a pretty standard baseline these days.
  16. Darkmonk and Rammy, which choice would you PERSONALLY go for? an i5-3470 + 7950 3GB or an i5-3570K with 7870 2GB? Thanks for the great answers btw.
  17. Couple of months back I bought a 3450 and a GTX660 as I'm capped at 1920*1080 and it didn't make much sense to spend more. Did end up buying a more expensive CPU cooler but that was for noise reasons. My PC is for gaming with some 3d modelling and other miscellaneous stuff.

    What resolution does your monitor run at?
  18. I'm with Rammy on that. 3D modelling needs even more CPU power than BF3 multiplayer, and most people are happy with their basic i5. Even with the HD7950, I don't think that you'll use your CPU to the max, because as I said gaming isn't hard on the CPU as on the GPU. If you plan on multi-monitoring, multi-tasking, 3d modelling, massive video/photo editing, the K is a valuable choice, but purely for gaming, even an i3 does a pretty good job (except for like 5% of the games) so the i5 is my personal choice

    I can't suggest you a complete build, I really don't know about prices in the U.K. (I'm Canadian) and we don't know which features are important to you but I'd do something like that:

    -Intel i5 3470
    -AMD HD 7950 (wish I could have the money for this one :cry: I'm stuck with a 7770 for now...and your XFX is a good brand)
    -Any H77 mobo, you might not need Z77 (PCIe3 ready, usb3, sata6, and dual-crossfire, just not quad nor SLI... look into AsRock, but also Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, though AsRock is generally cheaper and as good as the others). Look for features that you really want (I personally have an Asus PH77V and I'm happy, but AsRock's equivalent is cheaper)
    -2x4GB Ram (see Corsair or Gskills). Memory is cheap, so don't save $10 by getting only 4GB, you'll need more sooner or later...
    -A decent PSU. Antec, Corsair, XFX are fine. Don't you DARE get close to a Thermaltake or (some) CoolerMaster, they might damage your computer and often doesn't deliver the labelled power. See with an on-line psu wattage calculator such as Outer Vision's to be sure that you get the capacity that you'll need, with future upgrades in mind (I don't know if you plan to add a SSD later, crossfire a second GPU, etc.). If your choice has enough wattage for your plans (it has for this build), you can stick with it (Antec High Current Gamer)
    -HDD & Optical drive: the same, these are fine
    -Case: Your's (Elite 430) fine, just keep in mind that you might want to add a home-built dust filter in the front (I really don't know why you have dust filter under the top exhaust but not behind the front intake!) and that you'll have to buy more fans (200mm for less noise). And you might want to look into a case with front USB3.0 or adding ports in those 2.5" openings...
    -Trash the CPU cooler for now, until noise bothers as much as it bothers Rammy ;-)

    And to cut down the price even more, maybe you'd be happy with an HD7870. But apart from downgrading the GPU, I think you've already reached the better price with the above
  19. I play at 1920x1080 resolution and what case would you recommend me Darkmonk for around the same price as the Cooler Master Elite 430 that has better features? Looks like i am going with the i5-3470 + 7950 3GB :D
  20. Okay, I took some time and went to see some UK websites...
    Well, you have less choice than even us Canadians for cases! I took a look at some CiT cases also (seems avalaible in UK only), they seems decent, and cheap, but none has a front USB. And none seems better than the Elite 340 (but the CiT vantage seems pretty nice, though it has no dust filters, poor cable management and no tool-less design, it has all four fans installed and a card reader)

    When it comes down to the case, you make the choice. Style is the first thing put money on ;-)
    Then look for enough space (your card is HUDGE but most aftermarket mid tower case can support even 2 of these), great airflow (cable management helps greatly here), dust filters, and appropriate connectors on the I/O panel. So after looking at the incredibly small choice in the UK, I think that you best bets are the CiT Vantage or the Elite 430 because I trust thatt you want that side window (and I put my money on the later because I don't know much about CiT and I can't even find their website!)

    Oh and don't worry that much about the missing USB3: You probably don't have any USB3 device, and apart from external HDD (you get firewire covered) or flash memory, you probably won't use this port. And you can always add this later. As for the dust filter, my case doesn't even had any before I built some with an old air conditioning unit.
    But to get you jealous of our selection range, I have a Cooler Master K350 (I prefer red leds!) , $20 less that your Elite 430 (including -$15 MIR for my case)
  21. Oh and I also went calculating wattage needed for this build: With wearing of your PSU you're gonna be tight in 2 years (but still over recommended power, even with a second optical and a second hdd), so if you ever plan on multiple upgrades you might want a 600+w, but for now you're fine with this one. Oh and it wouldn't be enough for overclocking ;) so great choice that CPU of yours
  22. So the i5-3470+7950 would be a good choice? :D thanks for the detailed answers
  23. It's the best you can get, with your budget
    I was about to edit my last post: For as far as I know, all cases comes with dust filters. You should read "conveniently removable" dust filters. My k350 has a front dust filter but no access to it: had to build a frame for this, but you can use a vacuum to clean the standard filter.
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