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Hi everyone, I am seeking advice on a rig that I am building. I have put together a list of parts for my build and still have about $160 left to spend. I was wondering if I should upgrade my 660ti to a 680 or upgrade my 128gb ssd to a 256 ssd and put 60 dollars towards something else. This rig will be primarily used for gaming and video editing (final cut x and adobe after effects). Also, any recommendation between Crucial m4, Samsung 830 and OCZ Vertex 4. I can get them all at basically the same price, so thats not an issue. Also I'm kind of new to this forum, so if I screwed anything up, sorry!

i5 3570k
660ti MSi PE Twin Frozr IV
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD
Corsair HX Series 750W PSU
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 2x8gb
ASRock Extreme4 Z77 Mobo
Windows 7 Home Premium
Cooler Master Hyper212+
128gb SSD
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  1. or upgrade to a 3770k
  2. dont get a 680 buy a 670 instead and bigger SSD
    samsung 830 and ocz vertex 4 are the best in the market right now
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    I would buy an Asus 670 Top GPU, then you can put the other money into a larger SSD and/or a better cpu like a 3770k. 128gb should be plenty so long as you leave your programs on the SSD and save videos onto the 1tb drive. I have a 128gb SSD myself, and still haven't needed to buy my 1tb drive yet after 6 months of use, mostly because I haven't done any videos, just games.
  4. thanks guys! this has been a big help!
  5. one more much difference is there between the 3570k and the 3770k. I know that one has HT and the other doesnt but what does that actually translate to in performance?
  6. in gaming the 3770K will be completely waste of money since the 3570k perform exact the same like it ( in gaming ) in editing and running servers the i7 would take the upper hand.
  7. thanks guys!
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  9. ur welcome , hope to see your build soon :)
  10. ill post pics of it when im done. :)
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