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Upgrading from 5770 ~$250 budget WoW

Hello everyone. I'm here to ask for your advice and opinions!

I will be purchasing a new card in 2-4 weeks and want to have the card picked out so I can watch for deals.

Usage I play WoW exclusively

Current GPU/PSU HD5770 / Corsair 800W 80+ Bronze

Specs i7-950 / Asus Rampage III Formula mobo / 6GB Corsair Dominator 1333 / 80GB Intel SSD primary 2TB Seagate Green storage / Antec 900 case / Win 7 Pro x64

Preferred Website Newegg

I have no preference as to Nvidia or ATI, just want the better bang for the buck.

I want to go with a single card and do not plan on overclocking.

I'm looking for a card that will allow me to record with fraps during raids and taxing gameplay @ 1920x1080 resolution w/ ultra settings.

Cards I am considering below: -XFX 7870 -EVGA 570

I'm open to any other suggestions but those two are the one's I am most interested in. I am a little concerned with the ATI card I linked - Tom's reviews noted that the 7850/70 don't perform as well as their Nvidia counterparts in WoW, but ultimately which will be the bigger upgrade from the 5770 and allow me the headroom to record fraps?

Thanks for your feedback,
The Yeti
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  1. go gtx 660 ~$230
  2. Go get Guild Wars 2 :)

    And I agree on the 660.
  3. I would like to sugest 7870 but for WoW sake ..........
    still 7870 :D
  4. Best answer
    As you can see here in the WoW benchmark,,3297-13.html

    GTX 660 is your best bet (i exclude Ti version, it is too expensive and it is not required), i suggest this one:
  5. i think this is the best card in your price range.
    It also uses a very silent cooler.
  6. Mother of god...

    Didn't even think to look at the 660's. Think that answers my questions - the EVGA 660 Stavros linked looks like a workhorse! Not to mention it's under 10 inches.

    EVGA 660 winner winner chicken dinner.

    Thanks fellas :)
  7. Glad we could help!
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