Does this have a DVI tot VGA adapter?

I don't think it does since it's not in the picture showing everything in the box. I'm asking about this one in particular because it's the cheapest one at Canada Computers, the only other one is a MSI at 245 (The Ggiabyte one is 234).

I'm only buying at Canada Computers because I don't have pay for shipping.

Yes I will be a new monitor soon...
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  1. No way to tell for sure, but I would expect it to.

    BTW - Please provide clear and concise descriptions of components you're looking at. Most people won't even bother trying to look up the details of your question. I can only assume you mean:

    Gigabyte Geforce GTX660
    MSI Geforce GTX660

    -Wolf sends
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    If it does not show it then dont assume. I now my card did not come with one but my monitor came with all the cables needed. Without more info on what your looking at its hard to tell. You can get them on ebay pretty cheap.
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