How do I connect to 2 networks on Windows 7?

Hey everyone, because I use multiple computers in my house, I was just wondering, how would I go about connecting to 2 different networks on Windows 7 simultaneously?

I have a router/modem downstairs which is connected to the internet & all of our computers, and I also have a modem/router in my bedroom that isn't connected to the internet, but I'd like to use it to share files and other things throughout my house.

I've quite easily managed to connect to both networks at the same time, but as soon I connect to the wired network (the one without internet connection) I lose connection to the internet, even though I'm still connected to the wireless network which is connected to the internet.

I've read a few different articles and posts about this same issue, but I can't find how to be connected to both & still have a connection.

Can anyone help me?


Also here's my system specs.. if it even matter what I have.

8GB 1600 DDR3 Ram, Gigabyte HD 6850 OC, intel i3 550, TP-Link dual antenna 300mb/s wireless network card, 1tb Hitachi HDD.
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  1. In general workstation OSs are only made to use ONE network card.

    try to assign a static IP and subnet mask to your LAN card but NO Gateway IP and DNS
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