Does my 7850 have the 7870 PCB?

I see that it has another space where the 2nd (7870 has 2 6-pin connector slots) 6pin slot should've been. Can you also tell me what power phase it uses please?


You see, there on the bottom, those holes.
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  1. Yes, the 7850 uses the 7870 PCB. Both are based on the same Pitcairn chip. However, the 7850 has a few disabled units and is slower than the 7870.
    As for power phases, the 7870 is 5+1+1, the 7850 is 4+1+1.
  2. It's cheaper to do one board layout and just stuff it differently for different products when possible. It's a good way to save some money.
  3. Thanks.

    So that means It can take as much voltage as 7870? I mean the vrms and the other things. My 7850 has 1.038v stock and 7870 has like 1.1-1.2v stock. Would it be ok running at 1.2-1.225v in games?
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