Windows 8 upgrade, then downgrade to windows 7.

On this Fujitsu T900 Core i5 (1st gen), it had windows 7 installed on an ssd. Then I took it out, put in another one to try windows 8. Much to my dismay, the touch drivers for windows 8 did not work. So I put the SSD with windows 7 back in. However, I get a blue screen everytime I boot, and startup repair doesn't seem to be doing anything. What should I do?
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  1. 1. Reset the BIOS to defaults.
    2. Make sure SATA controllers are set where you had them, did you change from RAID to ACHI to IDE mode when you installed the other SSD ?
    3. Download and boot a diagnostic (e.g. ultimate boot CD). Make sure it boots cleanly.
    4. Did you make recovery media? Can you restore that over the win8 image and verify all HW is working correctly?
    5. Does the blue screen give a driver name (xxx.sys) or other file name or error code. If so google it.
    6. Did you change anything else? Do you have any other devices connected - if so remove them. No external USB devices. No network.
    7. Were you using a full disk encryption package like PGPdesktop?
    8. Did you load a new BIOS as part of running win8 ?
    9. Did you change boot sequence -- are you sure you are booting from the win7 SSD ?

    Can you describe all messages you got before the bluescreen? Bios messages OK? windows messages?

    good luck.
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