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I have a Toshiba L300D Laptop that was given to me by my brother. He had it for a few years and it has sat for the last year without a hard drive in it. I also didn't have a charger for it so i bought one to test it and low and behold it has life. Problem is it is asking for a bios Password and my brother has no clue what it would be. I tried the default "Toshiba" and it did nothing. I tried F1,F2, ESC, 0, Left alt....basically all keys on start up...nothing. Next i looked in the memory bay for this jumper other Toshiba laptops have marked XXX which you reset with a screwdriver....i see nothing there. Is there something that i am there actually a jumper? Others say take it apart and pull the battery but apparently its soldered and besides 98% say it will do nothing, you have to reset it by jumper. I did get the service manual and it shows nothing. Any help here would be appreciated.
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  1. This is all that is seen in the memory bay.
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