Computer not Booting up after installing 7750

I recently bought a AMD Sapphire 7750 1 GB DDR5 Card. After installing the videocard, and turning on the computer, it wont boot up. The lights are turned on and the fans are spinning. When I remove the card and checked my board with AMD Sapphire 6670 DDR5 card the computer boots just fine. Im not sure what is the problem bcoz AMD Sapphire 7750 worked jst fine for a day then the next day it stopped working all of a sudden.

My Specs are:-
core 2 duo 2.8 Ghz
3 GB DDR2 ram
asus P5KPL-CM board with PCI express x16 slot
450 watt psu( not a gud1,, but my 6670 wrks fine and it even has more power consumption than 7750. so 7750 shud wrk jst fine)
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  1. can any1 help????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. Did you remove the old drivers ?
  3. yep i did that too......
  4. Can you try the 7750 in an other system like from a friend or family ?
  5. thnxx mate for ur help.. but wht i did is changed my PSU with a Corsair 430 watts and it worked like a charm..
    but wht i dont understand is that when 6670 was working fine on my old psu(even it has more power consumption than 7750),,,how come 7750 stopped working???? i mean 7750 worked for a day without any problem then the next day stopped working.

    nywayssss thnxx for ur help ROBJORDY.. :))
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    That is weird ! Maybe it died of old age but that is a weird coincidence then, almost unbelievable. Can't think of any explanation, like you say the 7750 uses less power. :pt1cable:

    You're hexed probably ! :lol:
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