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currently i have a gaming rig with a gtx 560, an amd phenom ii x4 840 3.2ghz proc, and 8 gigs of ram. i am looking to upgrade to play games like borderlands 2 and dishonored. im sure my rig can handle both games currently but should i upgrade my cpu or video card? which upgrade would increase my performance the most? thanks in advance for responses.
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  1. A 2G gpu.
  2. the upgrades im thinking is for the gpu ill upgrade to a 2gb gtx 660, and for the cpu ill upgrade to an intel 3570k. i know my cpu is lacking in the gaming department. so you really think id get more benefit from upgrading the gpu instead of the cpu?
  3. It's not the best cpu for gaming but still i would first go for the better gpu and see what that does, you can always upgrade the cpu if your not satisfied, but you need a better gpu anyway. GTX660 sounds lovely.
  4. Put the money into a new GPU. That CPU is still good and if you can overclock it it'll be better.

    What is your budget?
    I'd recommend a 7870 or 7950 unless you have more to spend.
  5. budget is around 250-350
  6. What PSU do you have?
    Also do you intend to overclock the card or not. If not you should spend a bit more on a factory overclocked card.
  7. i have an off brand 750w im upgrading that for a good corsair psu. im not really into overclocking right now but i might get into it later. and the 660 i was gonna get is superclocked so.
  8. id like to stay within the 200-250 range to be honest, at that price range is the superclocked gtx 660 the best option? if not why?

    superclocked 660
  9. Okay under $250 you can still get a 7870, which is better than a 660. Although if you wait a few days they'll most likely drop the price of it.

    Do you want one with a good stock overclock or are you willing to overclock it yourself?

    Under $250 after rebates
    This card is a great deal but is currently out of stock
  10. i would prefer a good stock overclock because im not really into overclocking right now, though i might in the future. One question, why is the 7870 better than the superclocked 660? ive always bought nvidia cards.
  11. On average the 7870 is going to perform better. If you run it at higher AA it is going to be better is most (if not all games).,3297-18.html
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