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i need help, i have just discovered that my stock psu happens to be a bestec atx 250w (never had any problems though) on this machine i really wanted to upgrade its video card but since i dont live in a place with full of supplies ..sigh.. i only got this options from stores nearby.. a gt 430, gt 520, gt 220 and an ati hd 5450... and im quite confused about power requirements, while there maximum power draw states something low like 49w for gt430 or 20w for 5450,.. is there someone here with same specs as mine running this kinds of cards without any problems? and 1 more thing...... sounds stupid but no one sells psu here!!!xD or else, i need an airplane ticket to go somewhere just to buy the better one...xD
ps.. i just wanted to play skyrim on low-med settings with no lags..
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  1. You can't order online?

    I'd suggest HD7750.
  2. 7750 on this bestec ATX-250-12Z?
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