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GTX 660 or GTX 660TI query

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September 15, 2012 5:26:19 PM

Hi guys,

i posted a few weeks ago about that i should upgrade to as my hd5870 broke! and i settled for GTX660ti HOWEVER...... With the realease of the gtx660 at about £50 - £70 cheaper i was wondering is the 660ti really worth the extra money for the resoulution i play at?? My specs are below:

Intel core i7 920 @ 4GHZ
Asus rampage 2 xtreme mobo
1050WATT Psu

Budget was £250 (but that depends if i go for gtx660)
I game at 1440 x 900
I only play battlefield 3 on maximum settings DX11
Im not interested in ATI cards.

My aim is to run at max settings between 70 - 100 FPS

Thanks guys any help much appriciated :-)

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a c 117 U Graphics card
September 15, 2012 6:28:40 PM

overclocking the 660 will give you pretty much the same as a ti:

Overclocking GeForce GTX 660
IMO the cheaper price is more appropriate with a 192 bit memory bus also then the same with the ti.
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September 15, 2012 6:36:17 PM

at your resolution you could probably max bf3 out with even a gtx 560. In this case a gtx 660 seems excessive. I mean a 660 pulls 89.2fps on 1680x1050, a resolution that has about 36% more pixels, while a gtx 560 pulls ~60fps. It is really hard to argue that a gtx 660 is worth the extra money in this case.

I would suggest you could even purchase a gtx 560 + a 1680x1050 monitor and play ~60fps at a larger resolution. However, if you do not plan on upgrading resolution atm, I'd just get a gtx 560 and then put the remainder towards waiting on the gtx 7xx. It's a much more solid future proofing plan then buying an overpriced new gtx 660 and hoping you'll use the extra power one day before you upgrade again.
September 15, 2012 6:42:32 PM

Oh, by the way, I am a happy gtx 560 user (at 1680x1050). The only reason I would trade my card now is if I were to go to 1920x1080. I would get a gtx 660 in that case.

For now I'm considering holding out and skipping this generation of GPU. They are great but at the moment there is no game that I can't play at at least high settings. I mean I even play Battlefield at ultra.

I can understand why people would pay more to max out AA and post processing, but I just can't justify maxxing out the last few sliders in a game versus putting the money into other hobbies. I mean nothing bad about the gtx 660., it's a very fair card.
September 16, 2012 9:57:51 AM

Thats great thanks for the heads up, ive been looking into the 660 further and it also only requires 1-6pin pcie connector and tbh id rather have a cooler more energy sufficent card as i have learnt from past mistakes in regards to heat, overclocking and voltage control ( i fried my gtx 260). I think ill go for the 660 as its under my budget and offers enough umphh for bf3 and future games i plsn to play. Im not going to change my monitor as im happy with the resolution. Plus i can SLI the 660 in the future if s game comes out that i cannot run on maximum settings.

Thanks for your comments guys.