GTX 660 or GTX 660TI query

Hi guys,

i posted a few weeks ago about that i should upgrade to as my hd5870 broke! and i settled for GTX660ti HOWEVER...... With the realease of the gtx660 at about £50 - £70 cheaper i was wondering is the 660ti really worth the extra money for the resoulution i play at?? My specs are below:

Intel core i7 920 @ 4GHZ
Asus rampage 2 xtreme mobo
1050WATT Psu

Budget was £250 (but that depends if i go for gtx660)
I game at 1440 x 900
I only play battlefield 3 on maximum settings DX11
Im not interested in ATI cards.

My aim is to run at max settings between 70 - 100 FPS

Thanks guys any help much appriciated :-)
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  1. I think you will be fine with a 660. Looking at all the benchmarks, the 660 offers 80-100% of the 660 ti for a good price. And at a 1440 x 900 resolution, I think you might be able to pull 70-100 FPS.
  2. overclocking the 660 will give you pretty much the same as a ti:

    Overclocking GeForce GTX 660
    IMO the cheaper price is more appropriate with a 192 bit memory bus also then the same with the ti.
  3. at your resolution you could probably max bf3 out with even a gtx 560. In this case a gtx 660 seems excessive. I mean a 660 pulls 89.2fps on 1680x1050, a resolution that has about 36% more pixels, while a gtx 560 pulls ~60fps. It is really hard to argue that a gtx 660 is worth the extra money in this case.

    I would suggest you could even purchase a gtx 560 + a 1680x1050 monitor and play ~60fps at a larger resolution. However, if you do not plan on upgrading resolution atm, I'd just get a gtx 560 and then put the remainder towards waiting on the gtx 7xx. It's a much more solid future proofing plan then buying an overpriced new gtx 660 and hoping you'll use the extra power one day before you upgrade again.
  4. Oh, by the way, I am a happy gtx 560 user (at 1680x1050). The only reason I would trade my card now is if I were to go to 1920x1080. I would get a gtx 660 in that case.

    For now I'm considering holding out and skipping this generation of GPU. They are great but at the moment there is no game that I can't play at at least high settings. I mean I even play Battlefield at ultra.

    I can understand why people would pay more to max out AA and post processing, but I just can't justify maxxing out the last few sliders in a game versus putting the money into other hobbies. I mean nothing bad about the gtx 660., it's a very fair card.
  5. Thats great thanks for the heads up, ive been looking into the 660 further and it also only requires 1-6pin pcie connector and tbh id rather have a cooler more energy sufficent card as i have learnt from past mistakes in regards to heat, overclocking and voltage control ( i fried my gtx 260). I think ill go for the 660 as its under my budget and offers enough umphh for bf3 and future games i plsn to play. Im not going to change my monitor as im happy with the resolution. Plus i can SLI the 660 in the future if s game comes out that i cannot run on maximum settings.

    Thanks for your comments guys.
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