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So I built a new gaming PC for myself on Friday/Sunday and I just have a few questions about the temperature of my components. I was playing BF:BC2 for a while and just after I quit I checked the temperatures off my main components. MSI Afterburner reported my GTX 660 to be at around 60 degrees, and the Asus AI Suite 2 reported my mobo to be at around 34 degrees and my processor to be at around 54 degrees. The components are MSI GTX 660, P8B75-V and i5 3470. Are these temperatures all fine or are the potentially dangerous to my system?

Thanks, David.
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  1. Hi.
    I hope you applied thermal paste to cpu when building. But thats just side note.
    Overall, these temp are okay if you high load your pc with smth like bf3. Although temp of gpu seems kinda high.
    If same temperatures persist when you just turned on pc or during pc being idle for some time, thats not so good. What you need to try is increase rpm of cooler through bios ot specialized software.
  2. I'm using the stock fan for my CPU which already has thermal paste applied, I'll upgrade that another day. I can increase the fan speed using Afterburner but it does sound like a jet engine at 100% :P At the moment I'm just browsing the web and these are the temps:

    GPU:24 with the fan speed at 30%

    So it's not constantly at the high temps.
  3. Gah, with those temp you're all good. Nothing to worry about. And those high temps in your first message are fine considering load from bf3.
  4. Thanks for the help :)
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