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Hello, my 7870 is never at 100% usage, thus giving me terrible frame rate. When I play BF3 it is only at 60% usage giving me an average FPS on 40. When I lower the graphics settings, the GPU usage also drops, giving me the same frame rate. This makes having this card utterly pointless to own, since the frame rate I get on all games it the same if not worse than my old 5750. Anyone know of a solution?
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  1. system specs?
  2. AMD Phenom 1045T @ 2.6 GHz
    Gigabyte 7870 @ 1100 MHz
    Corsair 850 WATT PSU
    8 gigs of Corsair vengeance RAM
  3. The 1045T is probably bottlenecking you a bit.
  4. yep cpu bottleneck.
  5. Deemo13 said:
    The 1045T is probably bottlenecking you a bit.

    yeah but not THAT badly, i'd say try reinstalling the card in another pci-e slot
  6. A bit? More like a bundle. Slow and creaky 2.6GHz Phenom matched to a brand spanking new card. OC it or upgrade to Ivy Bridge.
  7. yup i agree...ur cpu is bottlenecking ur 7870
  8. What is your CPU usage when in game ? Running the latest drivers 12.8 ? Did you uninstall the old ones using driver sweeper before installing the new ones when you put your 7870 in ?
  9. I'd say overclock your CPU. You can shut off two cores in Windows to give you a better cooling profile, but BF3 is one of those games that like more cores.
  10. install open hardware monitor,check what your CPU usage is while playing,If your CPU usage is 100% and your cards are at 60%,then it is a CPU bottleneck.

    What motherboard are you using?
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