Thinking of a new gpu for htpc/gaming rig

So heres my situation, I have a 3d ready projector from viewsonic (PJD6221 is the model) and I am having difficulty getting my 6950 2gb to play nicely with it since it is vga only on the input for the projector.

One option is to get a 3d converter box with a hdmi to vga converter ( or something like that) since all 3d conversion boxes seem to only output to hdmi and not vga. this would cost me about 2-300 bucks in total. It would also allow me to use my ps3 and 360 with projector.

Second option is to sell my 6950 for about 200 and use that to offset the cost of a nvidia 670 (if Im gonna go green may as well go big). This is because Nvidia seems to have better support for active shutter 3d. Also note I want to dlp-link and not bother with an IR emitter since I have like 5 pairs of dlp-link glasses.

My third option is to to buy an older cheaper nvidia card and have that occupy my pci-e 4x slot and just have that for watching movies in 3d, though I couldnt play games in 3d.

My fourth option is to sell the projector and try to find one with hdmi connections.

My last option, and least favorite option, is I buy software that lets me do 3d such as stereoscopic player (which is the most versatile 3d program I have ever found). This is also expensive since I would also have to buy the HDCP removal program such as anydvd-hd and that one is about 70 bucks for a year of updates or 150 for a lifetime of updates plus the 3d program that runs for about 120.

some other details, I also do a lot of gaming on this machine as well. I normally play crisis 2, skyrim, batman, dead island, and borderlands

Cpu- 2500k @ 3.8 ghz
Ram- 8gb @ 1800
Gpu- Gigabyte 6950 with unlocked shaders
PSU 650 watt corsair I believe
Mobo- 2 full length gpu slots 8x & 4x

So everyone, please feel free to give me your advice and experiences or links to good articles on the matter. I would like to stay with Amd but Nvidia this generation really has me wanting to switch to the dark side. Also please remember that this is about 3d and less about which brand is better. Thank you for your time
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  1. The current projector has a native resolution of 1024x768 but I also have a 1080 monitor. again vga ports only in the back
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