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AMD or Saphhire

Hi,guys please tell me AMD ATI RADEON 7850HD 2GB DDR5 Or Sapphire radeon 7850HD 2GB DDR5??? Please help..which one should i take?
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  1. Does the first card have a specific brand?
  2. Any 7850hd card is a AMD card.
  3. He means the reference AMD cooler or a Sapphire cooler I think. Definately go with the Sapphire, the AMD blower design works well but is very loud under load.
  4. I'm not sure how one might go about getting a reference 7850, but I would have to agree that pretty much any aftermarket cooler, or any that are put on by one of AMD's partners, are better for cooling than the reference one. All of the Sapphire cards I've seen have dual fans, so ~bonus~
  5. Amd ati radeon is 15.5k but the sapphire is 16.5.. am running low on budget
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    Well, it's not like getting the reference 7850 is going to make your temps skyrocket. If you're on enough of a budget that 1k makes a difference (not sure which currency you're using), then the reference 7850 certainly isn't a ~bad~ way to go. Most people just prefer AMD's partners for their factory overclocks and better coolers.

    To simplify: if your budget is that tight, go with the Amd ati radeon.
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  8. Thank You very much
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