Next Thing to Upgrade?

Hey all,

So I built my computer this past summer, but I want to keep upgrading components so I never get to the point where I have to spend another 1.5k because my entire system is out of date.

Here is what I have.

Corsair H80
16gb Corsair RAM
Asus P8z77-v LGA mobo
2x 128gb SSD's (can't remember brands at the moment, but they are pretty good)
1x 2TB WD Hard Drive
1x Blu-Ray Drive
Corsair 750w Power Supply
NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case

What would you recommend updating? I was thinking the 570 to the 670 or perhaps two 570's SLI'd.

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  1. Get a 7970
    Which will be at about a 590 level of performance. With ocing it will surpass it. But honestly the 570 sli might be the best option money wise.
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