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Hi everyone i have a HD7850 sapphire graphics card, it plays battlefield 3 on ultra like a dream, i used to be able to get 55-60 fps on bf3 ultra, i used to be able to record on ultra at like 35-45 fps, now it has dropped down to 40-45 while playing and like 20fps when recording, anyone know how i can get it back up?
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  1. something is running in the background? or you are overheating.
  2. What's your resolution?
  3. i usually have firefox, a few other minor programs running in the backgroud, no other games. 1920x1080 resolution
  4. Are you sure you ran it at 1920x1080 resolution at first on full ultra graphics? HD 7850 isn't powerful enough to get 55 fps on those settings!

    (note, the following benchmarks are from singleplayer, so FPS will be a bit higher than in real multiplayer game):

    I'd suggest reducing settings if you want 60 fps.
  5. Is that the regular 7850 because i have the sapphire OC version, and i have been getting 60fps in the past, and reasonably high fps while recording, now its horrible.
  6. Yes, it's regular, but the OC version will not boost your performance by 50% (from 40 to 60 fps). At best, you'll get 5 fps.
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