Newbie needs to add real or fake IP for software to work

I have been looking for several days on how to do the following so I am hoping someone here can help me out.
I am about a level 4 maybe (10 being highest) when it comes to network configuration.
I know what a router is, an IP addreess (external ones from ISP that is) and how to get around a little bit like how to access wireless config , edit properties on network connections and run ipconfig...however I don't know what I am doing when editing any of

My setup....
I have a cable modem with 18mbs line...hooked into a Linksys E1000 wireless (N) router.
From that I have 3 laptops setup (and a desktop thats never used).

(none of whats next may be important but added it just in case)
Laptop a. is hardlined into wireless router (so I can edit config) and will be main machine it runs Vista
Laptop b. is connected to wirless connection from router and will main #2
Laptop c. is connected to wireless router
Desktop is connected to wireless router
(all others above run XP as OS)

What I need...
My wife is running some webcam software that uses our internal IP address for its connection.
It is no problem for her to connect her cam to the site with one laptop (any of the above) but when she tries to go to laptop b. and run another connection it says "You are currently broadcasting From This IP and cannot start another connection".
Now this is definitely not against the rules of the site or anything they just need a unique IP to connect to I guess, so I need to figure out if there is a way for us to set that up, hopefully without buying a static IP.

Can anyone help me out with this? again I may not know the lingo so may have questions that seem really stupid :)

Thank you.

p.s. We have also tested bandwidth connection over and over on many sites (via browser) and it seems that when a cam is setup and the bandwidth is displayed what comes from / to the cam is WAYY slower than what we get in our tests...any input on that would be a great addition as well. Maybe I am limiting (insert some term like UDP UnD DMZ etc with my router firewall on accident?
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  1. You either need to use a different webcam service that allows multiple streams from a single IP address, or you need to pay more to have two (or more) static IP addresses from your ISP.
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