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Hey everybody, im on the hoop for a new GPU. but i just dont know witch one a shall go for. But know this, i want a min of 50 FPS in nearly every game ATM : D
budget is around 500 dollars + - but can i even get that kind of FPS in the games today for the amount of money that i want to spend ?.

Anyway do you guys have some sugetions for a new card ?? : )
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  1. Your budget for a GPU is $500? The answer is clear :) 7970 ghz edition! Just make sure you get one with a decent cooler on it and not the reference on as it's quite loud. I don't think there's a card in existence thought that can run Metro 2033 on very high settings even at 1920x1080. Now, if you have intentions of overclocking the card you may want to go with one of the original 7970s as they're likely to be binned with better parts than the new 7970 ghz edition cards and can usually hit the same max frequency as the ghz edition.

  2. What sort of setup do you have anyways? I assumed you weren't asking about a GPU for the laptop...
  3. Sorry Fuzg. you right its not for the laptop. just updated my info.. and so it is for this machine : )
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