How should I price a custom PC?

Recently I built a computer, and after adding up all of the parts I calculated the price to be $373, which I rounded to $375. However, I would like to make a profit off of this computer, but I was wondering what a fair profit margin would be. I was thinking I could sell this for $500 and have a $125 margin, but would this be fair?
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  1. look at manufacturers with comparable components inside, then realize that you don't offer tech support like they do, and you don't offer warranties (aside from the component warranties) and base your price off of that :p Also don't forgot that OEM computers usually come with an operating system.. a legit copy..
  2. So how much should I subtract from the final price without these? Oh I forgot to add that I will include a legit unopened OEM copy of either Windows 7 or 8-whatever the buyer wants.
  3. Used computers lose value not gain it. Add the price you spent on the parts new then subtract 30% for being used. Especially for something you spent less than $400 on new.
  4. 500 is fair but you will have to explain what the buyer will NOT get with you. But also up sell the fact that custom built PC are built with higher grade components and can have longer warranties on the part most likely to fail. However that will depend on the parts you picked out.
  5. It's probably not a good choice to put it on $500, as other people said, you do not provide tech support, or warranty. Maybe you should post the specs so we can have a look.
  6. I have been moving around the components, and here are the specs:

    mobo-gigabyte ga-880gm
    cpu-AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4ghz
    ram-Patriot tri channel 6gb
    optical-samsung 22x cdrw/dvdrw
    hdd-western digital 160gb
    case-cooler master elite 311 w/ 420w psu
    wifi OPTIONAL-asus pce n15
    TOTAL (adj for tax/shipping): $535
    w/ windows 7 home oem-$635
    w/ windows 8 pro oem-$660

    I have decided to make two different computers: Adroit (low end) Adroit-X (this one) :sol: :sol:

    What do you guys think?
    OH and since I would sell this on ebay, I would do a 30-day money-back with a 1 year free warranty and technical support for life.
  7. Triple channel only works on Intel LGA 1366 boards so calling that RAM tri channel is deceptive. It's just a kit designed for LGA 1366 running in an AMD board and not even in dual channel since you would need another stick to have matched pairs.

    No discreet GPU?

    Low end Coolermaster power supply will have to be replaced to add decent GPU.

    Very small hard drive by any modern standards.

    I'm telling you trying to do prebuilt computers and sell them for a profit will only disappoint you. Used computers are just like used cars. They lose value as soon as you unbox the parts. The only way to make money doing builds like that is to do them for specific orders. You have to think why would someone pay you over $600 for something they can order off newegg for $350? And how exactly are you competent to do support? Do you have any computer certifications?

    I just don't see it selling for what you are asking. Sorry but I am just trying to be honest. I see a $400 computer at best. You may get lucky and find someone who does not know any better though so good luck!
  8. You want the best advice for building and selling Pc's?
    Build to order.
    I have a £1500 (Before I started going crazy, now 2k+) build on my desk I built to sell, if I'd needed to sell it I would have had to offer it at about £800, hardly a business plan to retire on lol,
    get the client, and build to their budget, its the only way for a homebuilder to make any money, and even then its the parts cost plus £30, you still ain't retiring on the profits sorry
  9. Okay, pre-built ones are out of the picture.
    It sounds like customs are in the market, but how would I do this on ebay? I can't seem to find any templates.
    What about craigslist for customs?

    Btw-sorry the onboard gpu is a radeon hd 4200, I will probably boost the hdd capacity to 250 or 500 (whatever the buyer wants), and I'll probably just go with the standard dual-channel 8gb. Taking the PSU into effect, I'll probably put a corsair 450 or 500w in there, but that will all boost the cost up! Then again, if its the custom market, people will know what they want. I just have to find a niche to market that will make people buy from me instead of building it themselves (which the smart ones will know is cheaper)
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    Th problem there is the smart ones are usually capable of building it themselves as well :P
    Draw up some templates yourself, one each of Amd and Intel,

    A dualcore surfbox level, 4Gb of cheap ram, lowend Psu, basic mobo onboard Gfx etc, these will suit grannies and kids under ten

    A mid quadcore level with a reasonable gfx card, quality Psu and 4Gb ram

    A decent gaming rig, good fast quad, 8Gb ram, high end gfx card and quality Psu

    and the Overkill rig, basically the same as your gaming build but with W/c, fancontrollers, cathodes, maybe a bit of modding

    Keep them updated as new chips, gfx cards etc come out and whenever you are asked to build a unit, you at least have a pre-drawn start point to work from and can work with the client to tweak, more drives, less lights etc
    I have sold more grannieboxes than mid levels, part exchange is handy to get going, but then you end up with a stack of old hardware you can't use very quickly, be ruthless and throw away parts you will never sell
    I built one highend to sell and like I said, I now own it,
    If you want to make money with Pc's, get your name known as the Pc guy in your circle of friends/workmates, do viruscleans and re-installs at pocketmoney prices, netbook screens have probably been my best earner tbh
    Its a tough game to get started in so don't depend on the money, have your Pc income as a bonus fund :)
  11. Thats what I meant-the smarter ones will build them which they know is cheaper lol :kaola: .
    I will WAD take this advice-I guess I was just trying to find the cheapest components for more of a discount computer, and obviously people will buy from dell when it comes to discount.
    The more research the better!
    Plus I do have a job in the computer industry, and I am already selling parts my boss does not want from old PC's (don't worry he's okay with it). Maybe I should stay on this route-but building the computers are so much fun!
    Thanks so much everybody!
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  13. Cool, well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but as you see, when its low budget, we just can't compete with Dell, Hp etc, but like I said, its very useful to be the Pc guy that folks know and come to :)
    Thank you for B.a. as well,
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