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I have read the system requirements for sims 3 and in Windows supported graphics cards it says amongst others, for Nvidia Geforce, 6800, 7200. I have a 7100 installed with it being higher than the 6800 would it still not run the game? I have more than required of all other areas. Also what would I have to find out about my PC internally to know what graphics cards I can upgrade with? Thanks for your time
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  1. The GeForce 7100 is a very very low end onboard card that is comparable to an GeForce 6200. It will not play the game well at all
  2. 7100 is not higher then the 6800. The 6800 is MUCH faster then the 7100.

    If they list the 7200 as minimum, just get a better card. The 8300GS should probably do the trick.
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