Need suggestions on what to upgrade on.

Hello community,

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
System RAM: 7935 MB
CPU Name: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 805 Processor
CPU Speeds: 2500
Physical CPUs: 1
Virtual CPUs: 4
Video Card Description: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
VRAM: 256 MB
Primary Display Resolution: 1440x900
Multi-Monitor Desktop Resolution: 2720x900
220-240 volts 50-60 Hz power supply (not sure how to read those stickers correctly )

These are my specs. As much as I had THOUGHT i knew on comp stuff it turns out in the last 3 years since I got this prebuilt "beast" from FRY's, it seems there are $40 vid cards and $80 processors that can kick my comps ass now. here's what I NEED to know.

What Processor should i get that my comps current power supply can handle?

What power supply can be placed with this comp?

I need to get a video card that will do duel monitors (i have a big flatscreen set up as my media PC tv atm and I would hate to lose that)

If i got a more powerful Processor and video card would they play nice together to where I can use the video cards duel monitors?

I want to be able to emulate things (like gamecube/ps2 isos) so i need specs that can match that if possible

What else is preferred;

Anything you can suggest. I want a revived comp that can at least last another 4-6 years (doubtful because how fast games are upgrading, but hey why not at least try)
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  1. Your CPU is plenty fast. You've got tons of memory.

    Your video is hopeless for gaming. Time for a video card.

    First, how big is your case -- regular or small form factor? If you don't know is the DVD driver horizontal across the top, or sideways on the case? If DVD drawer is horizontal is almost always an OK case for full size cards.

    Second, open your case. Read the sticker on the inside of the power supply. You are looking for a sicker that looks like this: Post your power supply wattage.

    Here is a great video card spec. Pcik one based on your price range. You'll be stunned how much better your PC games with the addition of a video card.,3107.html
  2. yeah, we need to know what form factor the case is because, in order to really help this PC, i really think you'll want to start by getting a new power supply. nothing fancy, a 430W Corsair Builder Series is more than enough and can be had for $30, and that way you can get a nicer GPU and OC your CPU. if it's regular atx size, then you might want to get, in addition to tsnor's suggestions, an aftermarket CPU cooler to overclock that puppy. 2.5 GHz is kinda low for a Phenom ii x4, and it would definitely benefit from the OC. then you can get a new GPU. So, when it's all said and done, you should be able to get a PSU for $30ish, a CPU cooler for $25ish, and pretty much any GPU besides the super high-end ones (like the 7970s or Gtx 680s). just some thoughts.
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