Help with my sli :(

Hey guys! I'm currently using gtx 680 sli, and whenever I go sli my monitor displays red light flashing whenever I play games, but when I disable it everything looks well again. I've been using my 680 sli before and it has been working fine, but suddenly this morning it just keeps on flashing red lights when I enable SLI. My temperatures on load only goes from 60-75 and 40-48 on idle. I've tried changing drivers but none works :(.

My setup is:
i7 2600k (stock clocks)
Gtx 680 sli (gainward and galaxy)
TX 950
Asrock z77 extreme 4
8 gb ram

Need help guys :(
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  1. hey thanks for the reply. How can I test the other card? I mean how can I make the other card as primary card and run it? sorry for the noob questions :(
  2. Is there no other way to check the cards? :( when using msi afterburner the card's gpu usage reaches to 90% so maybe that can rule out that the card died. The only problem is the constant red light flashing :(
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