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9400gt in a I-5 2500k...Is there a point?

I have an I-5, on an asrock z68 extreme3 gen3, 700w power supply. Would using a geforce 9400 gt video card do anything for me, or is it too old to be worth using?
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  1. The HD3000 is almost spot on the same performance of the 9400Gt, there is no point in using it.
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    Hi, i found this online it might help "Actually, the HD 3000 is around the same speed as the Radeon HD 5450, which is faster than the 9400GT."
  3. The 9400 GT is a very low-end card. You won't get that much of a performance boost. There are alternatives that use equal or lesser power and still deliver better performance. So, I suggest you get a new card.
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  5. Thanks everyone, I just had it sitting around, and i tried putting it in and it ran for a short while, but then crashed while playing planetside 2 beta...doesn't crash when I use integrated graphics. Well, time to start saving
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