660 ti vs 7950?? HELP

the 660 ti comes with a game but sightly slower and worse memory

the 7950 comes with a better oc, fps, and better memory in games but is slightly more exspensive

help is appreciated!!

thinking about getting one of the two in a week!

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  1. the 7950 and 7870 are dropping price next week. I can't decide between the 660 OC version, the 660 Ti OC version, or the 7950 for now.. but I think I might grab a 7950 when the price drops next week

  2. Wait for 7950 price drop. It's better overall.
  3. Assuming you live in the US: you can pick up an HD 7950 for $300, the same price as the GTX 660 Ti:


    In shear performance, the HD 7950 is a better buy. There should be a price-drop coming up soon, so when that happens, it'll be a good time to buy the card.
  4. 7950 is a great buy, just checked newegg can't believe the 7970 is @ 399 right now!
  5. 7950 is the gaming card to go for. It won't run out of puff anytime soon and is not crippled like the 660 at all.
  6. The HD 7950 is a far more complete card then the GTX 660 Ti. The only game the GTX 660 Ti has slightly better FPS in is BF3, and even then it's just barely. The GTX 660 Ti is a pretty gimpy card at 1080P or above, especially if you actually enjoy using AA.
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