I'm looking into buying a new video card

I was looking into buying a 7870, but I dont know which i should choose between the His Radeon 7870, or th MSI twin frozr 7870. Also I dont even know if it will be compatible with my system. I have a stock Hp p7-1254. Will it even fit in the case? I was going to build a new pc with this card so if it wont work i still want to know which one to use.
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  1. Well if the pc is completely stock you will def not be able to throw a 7870 in there....the pc you have only has a 300watt power supply you would need at least a 500watt powersupply to run that card....a video card that you could use in that system is this....
  2. somehow i knew someone was going to prioritize that fact... Yes i know i have upgraded to a 600 watt already :/
  3. lol well its a pretty important factor when it comes to choosing video cards...you should have said something in the post lol you called your system "stock"......of the two video cards I would get the HIS card...its prolly cheaper and the MSI Twin Frozrs have never lived up to its name for me dont like em......as far as it fitting we really cant help you too much what you should do is open up your case and measure from the expansion port slots on your case to what ever would be in the way of your card...as long as you have a little over 10 inches of clearance it will fit....otherwise your system would be compatible with the card.
  4. Cool thanks for the help. I upgraded the psu so long ago I honestly forgot about it while i posted this. I got it for free
  5. nice thats a good deal...im gonna throw my two cents in and say get this 7870


    its cheaper then both of those and Sapphire makes good stuff......never has let me down before...let me know how it works out with the measuring and if you get the card or not
  6. I just took the case apart, and there is no proper place for the area where you put the ports and the exhaust vent. I don't think. Im not smart with these things my vocabulary is way under par. but the length should fit fine if there were a place to put it in. My mobo has integrated graphics, could this be why I dont have any room for expansion? or am i just looking in the wrong spot?
  7. What case/computer do you have? All Pc's up to this date do have a few expansion slots on the side where you connect pcie cards. Integrated graphics comes most likely from your cpu unless your mobo has it built in for some reason.
  8. pop off the side panel and take a picture of whats inside...try to get the whole pc in the picture...I will take a look at the picture and then edit it with pain to show you where to measure.
  9. on a side note, if you not purchasing now, every once in awhile check these 2 pages


    the cheapest 7870's that go out of stock near instantly because of its extremely low price.
  10. I realized my problem was just me derping, There are plenty of slots.
  11. haha ok how much space do you have? enough?
  12. Just take a tape measure and measure from the edge of the slot where the card dvi outputs stick out to the other side of your case, where it would meet the Hard drive cages.
  13. My clearance to the hd cages is about a foot. I should be fine. Also I have 5 Expansion slots. My main worry now is that the Cooler master hyper 212 plus, that I plan on buying wont fit into my case, actually i know it wont.. What kind of damage would my system take if i take the sideplate of my case permanently?
  14. Dust, bugs, things could get in there, water could spill in there. Don't take that chance. I have teh NZXT phantom 410 and it has great room. I got it on sale for 80 bucks one day.
  15. yea an option would be to move the components into another case but if thats out of the question then you could just remove the side panel just make sure that its in a protected place....like under a desk with the open side of the pc case towards the wall of your desk...or even in a pc cabinet built into the desk if you have one.....not ideal for airflow but better to be safe than sorry.
  16. Im going to order a Cooler Master haf 912 what type of fans do i need to buy?
  17. you dont HAVE to buy any fans it comes with a front 120mm and a rear 120mm but it leaves room for fans on the side and top..here this will tell you what size fans will fit in those openings....either 120mm or 200mm

  18. Oh thanks, I wasn't sure if it came with fans or not.. I saw that it had spots for them though when I was looking at it
  19. no problem...most cases come with some kind of fan but usually they are not the best...you could def get away with the ones included in this case or if you wanted better airflow add some more
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