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How do I find a Hyundai Q17A for sale in the U.S? I've searched all the price comparing engines as well as google, and the only thing I can find is online stores in french and german that are selling it. Anyone have one of these or know where I can get one?
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  1. Very few for sale. Search this board and there are some links to major resellers that still have some in stock.
  2. They no longer have this item in stock. I called to ask about the Q17 and some salesman who had no clue what he was talking about said that the Q17 monitor is outdated and they no longer had it in stock. Fortunately, he gave the phone to their tech guy, who said that the Q17 is impossible to get, but the L70S was a good alternative, which was my 2nd option anyway.

    You have absolutely no chance of finding a Q17A until sometime in September. According to Hyundai, it will be reintroduced at then.

    Considering I can't wait until September, I bought an L70S at for $385 total.
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