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so i just bought a computer from cyber power as of 20 minutes ago. i normaly build my own but wow they had a dam good deal. let me know what you guys think.

i5 3570k
asus p8z77- lk
8 gigs corsair vengeance 1866 ram
2x 128 gig ssd ( with mail in rebates making them free)
corsair 750tx bronze rated psu
gtx 660 ti evga superclock
thermaltake liquid cooler.
corsair 400r case( with all 120 mm fans it can hold)

and free shipping.

all this for 853.00 after rebates. seems good to me. after looking on new egg i could not build it cheaper. let me know what you guys think.
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  1. That is actually a good deal, was this an off-the-shelf pre-built or a "custom" pre-built. Pretty well balanced as well.

    A link to it would be helpful if it is an of- the-shelf rig. Be good to finally have an easy answer to people asking which computer to buy.
  2. ill link it once im home from work.

    the link above is the off the shelf build. but i changed out the i7 for the i5. also it depends on the deals they have for what price you pay. I researched what i wanted built it and got a killer deal. but in order to get the good deal you have to do the rebates.
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