Please help my FPS dropped from 60-80 to 12

Please help, i came home one day to play games, but i found that my fps had dropped considerably, i usually get around 60-80 fps, but now im only getting 12 fps max occasionally it will spike upto 70 fps but only for about a minute. it is also random so there is no way to tell when it is going to happen.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 8200
RAM: 4gb (not sure what brand)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT

My PC has usually been very good with games giving me good fps on medium graphics but not when i put it on the lowest graphics I am only getting 12 FPS
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  1. Check the heat of your computer. Also, if your video card is heating up alot, just get a can of compressed air and blow dust out of your card. The 9600GT is pretty old and has probably accumulated alot of heat.
  2. what is a normal heat?
  3. Which games are you playing and at what resolution?
  4. League of legends and Starcraft 2 both at 1440x900
  5. You should also check whether it's your cpu that's overheating. Download a free program called speedfan it will tell you which components are overheating.
  6. Well, get a software like MSI Afterburner, and monitor the temperatures. Normal GPU load temperatures would be about 70C with 80C at the max.
  7. my gpu is at about 105C
  8. while in a game
  9. That is EXTREMELY HIGH. Are your fans spinning at full? Spinning at all?
  10. That is VERY VERY hot. Get a can of compressed air and blow the dust out of that video card. Also, adjust the fan.
  11. yea i cleanned it out now its running at 70-75C
  12. On full load or just sitting at the desktop? Because at idle that is hot. Load that is perfect. Are you still experiencing freezing?
  13. thats at idle. but it was find in games for about 45 minutes then it just went back to the 12 fps. im pretty sure that its a power problem, because the fan on my GPU looks like its trying to turn but it cant
  14. 70C idle is insane.
  15. if i was to get a new GPU would a XFX RADEON 6950 XXX 2GB fit??
  16. Do you have the power supply for the graphics card? And there are some better cards out there for the price right now.
  17. what are some of the better cards for under $300?

    PSU? But one thing to note about, I think these card would bottleneck at your CPU, but it could be solved with a bit of overclocking. Just note, you need a good CPU cooler for Overclocking:

    And yes, you need to get a decent power supply first.
  19. Personally I don't think that overclocking that is going to be able to support a 7870, but if you do get one, upgrade the processor and such soon.

    Nevermind, I thought it was a Core2Duo for some reason. That Core2Quad still has some life left in it.
  20. well i am going to upgrade everything eventaully, i want to spend 1300-2000 on the whole thing, but im no sure whether i should just get the GPU and just save for the rest, or should i just upgrade bit by bit?
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