PWM spliters

just a fast question:

Planing on conecting a EK 4-Pin PWM 4-Way Splitter Cable to my Corsair Link controling 4 x Scythe SY1225SL12LM-P 120mm Case Fan.

case has 10 fans so will y split my H100 and the 2 on the door. Then the 4 discribed from above 2 front and 2 behind hard drive cages.

anybody see a problem with this set-up?
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  1. It should work just fine. As the product description mentions it requires a 4 pin molex connector to give the extra power needed for more than one fan. I see the controlling side of the PWM connector only has 2 leads. I would assume this means you will not get RPM information and such, only power to the fans. However, it should work just fine.
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