First Build Compatibility Check

Please check for sure as i am worried that it might not work, THANKS

MBO: ASrock B75 Pro3-m

Cpu: Intel core i3 3220

RAM: Corsair Value Select DDR3 1333mhz CL9 4gb

Storage: Seagate BARRACUDA 1TB ST1000DM003

Case: Antec One

PSU: Enermax Tomahawk 2 500W ATX PSU

Optical Drive: LG GH24NS90

Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon HD7770
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  1. id get this ram, 6gb is the sweet spot for gaming so 8gb is the best bet

    better power supply
  2. kk uhm thanks, but is my build right now compatible? might switch depends.. but most likely sticking with my build so is my build compatible ? THANKS
  3. ^+1 to him.
  4. It's compatible but get a better power supply. Yours is crap. You can get away with 4gb so no worries there.
  5. It would all fit but your power supply has questionable quality, so if it fails, it has the possibility to take out and fry half your components.

    Also, the RAM is mediocre at best. RAM is dirt cheap these days so you don't really have to go lower than the reliable ones.
  6. alright thanks for the replies guys! kinda on a budget but ill try look for one. if any1 can help find me one from that'll be great (PSU and RAM) psu needs to be atleast lower than $90 maybe? and ram maybe near $40 coz its really expensive where i come from
  7. ^ I don't think he'll notice any difference buying 1600 ram.
  8. cutebeans said:

    Thank you! so everything will work fine if i keep the build the same but change the psu to the 1 ur suggesting? everything 100% compatible?
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