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Hello im having a problem with my graphics card. I recently installed new drivers for my gpu this messed up my computer and games were running really slow and Catalyst Control Center stopped working. And windows started to crash. So i had to reinstall windows. I still cannot get catalyst control center to work and the last time i reinstalled my video card drivers for some reason my gpu fan came on full blast and has not shut off. no way of even looking at it i cant open ccc. Any help would be great just so i could get on ccc and turn down my fan at the least please. Oh yes and when i try to open CCC before it would say Video card not detected or not working. Now it says host application has stopped working.
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  1. Why do you guys NEVER list your hardware?

    Sign in as administrator (If you are not administrator you may be blocked)
    Close all the applications that are being and close your files...
    Turn Off the antivirus and firewall, turn off the functions of windows defender.
    If you have multiple security programs installed, they must be turned ALL off. Security will prevent your driver from installing...
    Download the latest CCC driver package, and save it to an easy location. Make sure this is the correct driver for your card.
    Delete all the current AMD video software and drivers, restart the system (the video will look screwy, don't worry)
    Now load install all the newest CCC drivers and restart the system (the driver will not work (yet) as you said, but load it anyway)
    left click start
    left click computer
    right click C drive
    Left click Open
    Right click Users
    Left click properties
    "Check" mark the box that says: Attributes: "Hidden" (there is now a check-mark in the "Hidden" box)
    Click: "Apply"
    Now the system will apply the hidden attributes...and this will take a while, or maybe a long while. Let this proceed, and don't interrupt it...
    During this procedure, a message may inform you that you do not have administrator privilege to the file you are trying to change the attributes of. That's OK. Just click: "ignore all."
    When this procedure is finished, click OK (the box will close after you click OK)
    Now you will once again be looking at folders in C drive (don’t close the C drive window or you may regret it)
    (once again) right click Users
    (once again) left click properties
    UN- check the box that says: Attributes "Hidden" (you will now take the check mark OUT, Hidden is no longer checked)
    Click Apply
    Now the computer will UN-apply the hidden attributes, and it may take a while, or a long while...but let it proceed, and finish, don't interrupt it.
    During this procedure, a message may inform you that you are not the administrator of the file that you are trying to change the attributes of. That's OK, just click: "ignore all."
    When this is completed click OK
    Now close all windows and restart the computer
    turn all the security back on.
    At this point, the CCC should be functional. Open the CCC and test the functions...
  2. System Specs are
    AMD Phenom 9750 Quad-Core 2.4 GHZ
    1 TB Standard Serial ATA-300 7200 rpm
    XFX Radeon 4850 512 mb
    AMD 780G
  3. Thanks for the reply I'm going to try that. But first can you tell me how i would go about deleting all current Driver software? Should i use the uninstall via the manager that comes with the drivers or should i do it using system devices? should i try to clean out my registry? Because that can get complicated.
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    Uninstall CCC from the programs list
    Uninstall the driver from the device list.
    NEVER mess with the registry. NEVER download any "free" software that claims it will "clean" your registry. It's poison.
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