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how to install a second soundcard

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November 12, 2001 7:32:12 AM


Some days ago I started using PCDJ Red. It's a great program but to be able to prelisten your song before putting it in the mix you need a second soundcard on your system. I'm a real newbie but yesterday I tried to install the new one. That didn't really work out great. In fact the new soundcard worked fine, but I couldn't find back the old one on my system. Maybe I'd better give some information about that system: it's a AMD Athlon 1,2 Ghz on a MSI K7T266 Pro mainboard with a Terratec DMX soundcard (that's the original one) running Win 2k. The 'new' soundcard I want to install is a cheap thing based on a Aureal Vortex soundchip. What shoud I do? I suppose the new card takes in the IRQ('s) of the old one, or am I wrong? Can I configure them manually, or should it work doing it the 'plug and play'-way (like I said, doing it this way, it seemed not to work, but maybe I did something wrong)? I've also tried it under Win98SE, and there I have the same problem (I can only see/use the new soundcard, but not both, in the 'system info'). Can anyone say how I can work this out? Thanx in advance!

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November 14, 2001 9:23:40 AM

I am not an expert on this, but you can try to put the second card in a different PCI slot as the irqs are shared. Do both cards show up in Device Manager? Error messages?
I have two sound cards in an old PII 350 a Live and another that I can't remember the name of (It's a XG card of some sort) that work fine so it should be possible.


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November 14, 2001 12:33:02 PM

Ok, thanks for the support. I don't get any error message when installing the second soundcard, but it seems if the second soundcard kind of 'dissapeared' from the 'device manager', so it's only the newly installed card that works. Both cards must be installed without the use of drivers supplied by the manufacturer (both of them use the wdm drivers from Win 2000), because there is no driver support from them under Windows 2000. But they work fine separately (and when they're installed both, only one works and is visible, like I said). I'm a litlle afraid of messing with the IRQ's but I'll give it a try. Do you know if you need specific soundcards to be able to let them work together or does it work with all kind of types?
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November 15, 2001 6:32:08 PM

It should work with any two soundcards, but I have never tried it in W2K. One idea though is to go to the websites of the manufacturers and ask on the boards there if anyone knows how to get them both working under 2000. You can also email the companies and ask if they have 'unofficial' drivers that would work. Terratec have been really helpful to me in the past so might get lucky. I don't know about the Aureal though. Hope this will help,


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November 16, 2001 6:11:34 AM

Ok, I did it! I started again on a 'clean' system (without soundcards) and first installed the 'cheap' one (with the Aureal Vortex-chip). Windows installed the WDM-drivers without any problem. Then I installed the other one (the Terratec, with the Canyon 3D) and... - big surprise ;)  - they work!! Ok, only with 'basic' features (because of the abscence of Win2k drivers), but that's more than enough for me (I don't need that 3D-"oeh, bad word"). Anyway, thanx for the tips and advice!
November 17, 2001 6:15:42 AM

oh i two soundcards are actually possible..
now i know it hehe