My GTX560 was struck by lightning, would I get a guarantee?

I just left my PC to download some demo. When I was going out, there was a big and loud lightning striking and my house was suddenly no electricicty. After the electric came out, I switched on my PC and there was no respond. I called the technician to check my PC and he said the GPU and mobo were FIRED by that atrocious LIGHTNING!!! :( He said that he would write a report and send it as well as my GPU and mobo to the company.

Here's the question, will they can be fixed? If not, will I get a guarantee? I have bought my gtx560 10 months ago and my mobo has been bought 1 month ago.

Any answer will be appreciated.
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  1. Who is the manufacturer of the card?

    I know Gigabyte has 3 years warranty, the others should have similar for competitive reasons. I'd check their websites and even give them a call. They probally will replace it because it was a natural event out of your control. If they do replace it, I'd recommend getting a surge protector for you PC.
  2. It depends on who made the card. EVGA is usually really really good about it. I would just call the manufacturer about it.
  3. My GPU's manufacturer is Galaxy.
  4. Well, give the Galaxy reps a call about it. Chances are it still has a warranty on it.
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