X79 i7 3930k based video editing workstation


I am looking to build a new video editing workstation. Raw footage used will be 1080p 60f max, and 720p 25f minimum. Software used is:
Adobe Suite CS5.5 and Adobe AF CS6, 3dsMax 2010 and 2013, Maya 2013, and various motion tracking applications such as Mocha. Also, occasionally, RealFlow 2012 will be used (a lot of CPU power required), and MS VisualStudio 2010. Operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate E. There will be VMware Workstation installed and used to run a snapshot of an XP machine (it will not EVER be used together with aforementioned software).

I am from Bosnia Herzegovina where parts are 30-50% more expensive than in US, and variety is extremely limited. Recommendations from NewEgg cannot help me at all. If someone wants to help, one can use plus.ba (translate.google.com will translate) or imtec.ba (can change language to English in top right corner next to login) as a reference (shops that sell parts here).

I decided on following main parts:

- CPU - i7-3930k (overclocked)
- MB - Asus P9X79 Deluxe
- GPU - GIGABYTE nVidia GTX660 Ti (I would go with GTX570 as recommended by Adobe, but they don't have it here, GTX680 is too expensive)

My worries are about following items (remember this is almost third-world and supply is limited, while variety is next to nothing)

- Cooler (I got offered Cooler Master Hyper 42s) - is it sufficient?
- Power Unit - I got offered Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 720W modular or Chieftec APS-1000 C) - ???
- RAM - they sell only Kingston here, is KVR16N11/8 any good (total of 32GB)
- SDD - same as RAM, only Kingston - HyperX 3K 120GB, 240 GB, 480GB ???
- HDD - WD Caviar Black 1TB SATA3 x 2
- Chassis - Thermaltake Level 10 GT or Chieftec Dragon CH - 07B-B-OP (will it fit aforementioned parts?)

Any other issues that I should be concerned off? Do I need cooling for GPU?

I hate fact that I have to spend aprox. 2900 USD or 2200 EUR, but that is the price when you live in the country where average salary is 350 EUR ...

I will appreciate any feedback.

Thank you
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  1. save $300 and get this, the price doesnt justify the performance gains of this as this and your listed processor are only 100mhz aprt from each other with no structural gains. basically you will be wasting money

    that motherboard is probably WAY more than you need. think to your self, do you really need 6 usb 3.o ports and dual lan? save some cash and get this

    16gb of ram should be sufficient for content creation

    just get one mechanical drive

    its hard to tell how much space you need on your ssd, if you are going to be doing content creation i would suggest a 240 or 480gb ssd and i would get a samsung 830

    case, more professional yet good air flow and high quality

    i would get a graphics card made by asus because their directcu2 graphics card cooling is amazing and its silent and keeps things really cool

    im not the expert on cooling socket 2011 but you might want to get a noctua
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