Nvidia drivers not responding and blackscreen

Ok so i have been having a major problem these days. I was playing a game and suddenly my whole pc crashes. If i plug in my pci-e and switch the system on i will just get a black screen however if i do not connect the pcie i can get into the system. SO how is it that nvidia drivers do not recognize the card. Why do i get a black screen? did the crash potentially destroy the gpu?
Specs: Ngtx570 msi twinfrozr 3
psu: hx 750w
mobo: asus sabertooth z77
2 to barracuda
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  1. you can try and check installing other graphics cards if you have one. that way you can find out. you have a quality psu so i guess it can easily provide its power supply needs.

    another option i might recommend you is to reinstall gfx card once again into motherboard and see what happens.
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