Possibility to format a netbook using LAN?

Greetings there..

I'm trying to fix my little cousin's netbook as somebody messed with it trying to install newer windows and totally destroyed it.

It has NO CD/DVD Unit
It can NOT boot from USB.

Booting via USB with an External LG DVD Unit = Failed
Booting via USB with an Flash Windows XP Boot = Failed

Bios boot priority states only 3 options:
HDD (Laptop's..)
FDD (What is this..?)
LAN (Only option it seems.)

Is there any way to format the laptop via LAN?
I do not care for the OS, I don't care if I'll have to run Linux first and then install Window XP, I just want to know if there's any chance that I can format it via LAN or something.
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  1. FDD stands for the good old, now useless, Floppy Disk Drive 1.44MB

    you cannot format and install over the LAN.

    if you plug in the flash drive before you turn on the netbook, it could show up in the BIOS.

    What netbook are we talking about?
  2. We're talking of a Toshiba NB200.

  3. BIOS would have to show a setting to enable USB Legacy Support for power to be allowed to the ports before the OS cuts in. What are you going to install if you get the external DVD to work? Linux OS are free - Microsoft ones are not.

  4. I've got legal copies for XP Professional, Vista Home Basic and Windows 7 Ultimate.. So I'm pretty much covered when it comes to Microsoft ones.

    USB Legacy Report is enabled by default.

    I seriously don't know what's wrong with this netbook, Once I got it on my hands today I had Windows XP Failed boot, although after 2 safe boot's, I run another one with Command Prompt, and when I 'start'ed 'regedit.exe' and tried to 'Import'(So that I can see which HDDs it has/partisions etc..), I came across Windows Vista menu.... :/
  5. connect a bootable flash drive before you turn on the computer.

    Boot Priority Options
    This option sets the priority for booting the computer.
    To change the boot drive, follow the steps below.
    1. Hold down F12 and boot the computer.
    2. Use the up/down cursor keys to select boot device you want and press
    ■ If a supervisor password is set, the menu above does not appear when
    you use the user password to start the computer.
    ■ If you press a key other than one of those above or if the selected
    device is not installed, the system will boot according to the current
    setting in BIOS Setup Menu.
  6. Uh, I did not said I do not know how computers work, I've built my own ones, and I've got around 5 at in my own room..

    As I see now, it launches with Windows Vista Loading menu, and continues with safe mode and attempts to load some kind of Toshiba software (Most likely back-up) which fails.. The hard disc is as exist: 1 Partition of 140GB, 1 partition of 2GB named back-up almost full and 1 other with just 30 MB's..

    I would of attempt to copy an installation or a USB Windows XP Bootable into it, however when I am on the CMD from Safe Mode, I can't get to find the path to the USB or even if it works.. 'Path' enlists only the 2nd (2GB) HDD main and /windows...
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