Gigabyte GTX 550TI suddenly went on stress

I was busy doing homework and I notice that my GTX 550ti Starts to go on stress like crazy. My GPU meter says my card suddenly went up to like 99% load and the temperature jacked up an extra 20 degrees celsius from idle(59 degrees celsius). My computer gets ish laggy for some reason. The task bar becomes the default light blue color too.

I have encountered this problem in the past with my old computer(with the same card). Could it be my video card? My friend says compatibility issues.. I recently installed spybot search and destroy again.

My computers clean. Nothings wrong with it.

i5 2500k sandy bridge
gigabyte gtx 550 ti
maximus iv gene-z (z68)

Sadly... No screen shot.
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  1. Drivers.

    Power supply...?
  2. up to date with drivers.. I dont think power supply is doing it. I usually have SO MANY TROUBLES WITH THE F***ING DRIVERS.
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