Need Help, 7750 not displaying the HDMI on the second monitor at all.


I bought a second monitor today and a new hdmi to vga cord. I set it all up but when I turn it on, the second monitor has nothing on it, its all blank. I tried to switch the displays but the same happened except opposite.

The hdmi to vga connection is not working for some reason.


1st monitor:

2nd Monitor:

Do I have todo some pre setup or something? I have not done any additional setup other then described above. No software setup at all yet.

Please help as I have no idea what going wrong.

Thank You.
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  1. 1. Update all drivers for good measure.
    2. in ccc check if the second monitor is there.
    3. right click desktop click screen resolution, see if there are 2 monitors.
    4. if there are 2 monitors click the tab to the right of Multiple Displays, and choose Extend these displays.
    5. if none of that works check for monitor drivers as sometimes the built in ones aren't working and or there at all.

    Seeing as both monitors work I don't think 5. will be the case.
  2. OK huge progress update

    zI got something to work right it seems:

    At first the display on hdmi is detected somehow:

    After messing around the display was detected:

    Now when I click extend display display on both monitors I get the error:

    The second monitor(acer) is all black, no display on it whatsoever, just a small message on the monitor saying; Cable not connected". If I try to move the display to screen 2(acer) nothing happens.

    Damn now I am truly lost.
  3. Are you by any chance trying to use two VGA connections from that card? Because it supports one VGA only!
  4. NO, The dell monitor is using DVI to DVI. Monitor>DVI--------------DVI<GPU

    The acer monitor is connected Monitor via hdmi to vga. Monitor>VGA---------HDMI<GPU
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